Flatulence Applications for iPhone

10:47 PM Edited by Blony

. Now that Apple has dropped the restrictions on which applications to enter the iTunes store, and what not, you can see all kinds of applications (click on image to enlarge):Among our recent earnings call attention Fart Machine, Fart Button, Flatulence, iToot, myFart, iFart Mobile, iFartz, Who farted? IPhart, Fart Keyboard, iPooted, Cheese Cutter Whoopee Cushion, iFart With Timer, Excuse Me, Sound Body Machine, Escape Pod, Pull My Finger Pull My Finder II, Touch My Finger, Where's the bathroom, all applications to simulate the emission of gases and flatulence of all kinds, but the best is FartBox, which detects the position of iPhone in our pocket or waist and every time we sit emits sound, odor-free all by luck (for now).

What increible this, and that is why we encourage you to review, is that all previous applications are not low price of 0.99 U.S. cents to 1.99 and there are some. Only Mr. Poot! Cushion and Woopie in lite version only 2 sounds, are free and are not the most preferred, so we assume that this kind of apps is a good source of income for more than one developer.