Emulators Mobile: The Nokia N95 meets with Windows 3.1!

6:15 AM Edited by Blony

We did not have time to post the video with images of the original Mac + on iPhone, which already comes the reply from within Windows (as usual, after ...).

Irony aside, has just been issued at the Nokia N95, an emulator that allows you to run Windows 3.1 on the smartphone manufacturer in Finland.

In practice, the Microsoft operating system is installed through the symbian port of DOSBox, an emulator CPU 486, more than enough to run Win 3.1 (and who knows, perhaps even Win 95, in the near future). Of course, you will not be particularly nice to see, or helpful, but the nostalgia factor is exponential! :)

Check the website developer for some Polish image in most of this little wonder ...