Eliza, a psychologist on the iPhone!

5:15 AM Edited by Blony

Who among our readers deals with science and computers for some time it was almost certainly sooner or later come across a version of Eliza.

What is it? Eliza, is merely the result of the work of a U.S. scientist, Joseph Weizenbaum, who in 1966 at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), created an artificial intelligence that can cause the PC to simulate a dialogue with us , responding to questions and ponendone in turn, on the way to a psychologist. Note well, it speaks of 1966, so do not think of anything futuristic or science-fiction, but always love to see how certain ideas, even if they definitely vecchiotte not ever lose their appeal.

Not for nothing the software house Visualmobile made a conversion of Eliza for iPhone, with March as the month chosen for the issue, free on App Store.

Are you ready to support the interrogation from your phone? ;)