Elimination of Mobile TV in the metro, in the thick of the South Korean protests of users

8:54 PM Edited by Blony

Of course sometimes that is just incredible how some technologies may find their luck in some cultures and not be able to impose itself instead in others. Take, for example, the mobile TV.

While all efforts made by the various telephone companies and European and American manufacturers, this technology seems to be unable to impose themselves in the West, in some Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea, it has considerable success with the public.

In the latter, in particular, the service is so popular that the possibility that it be reduced or even eliminated has generated protests. E 'a few days ago the news that the Korean television, given the poor economic returns, it could decide to remove the covering from the signal lines of the subway. Open sky! Many Koreans have threatened the operator to terminate its contract if this happens.

Do not forget that Korea was the first country in the world to enjoy mobile TV, since 2005, and that most Koreans will serve every day of the subway to move from home to school or work, even for long journeys. Of these, 10 million are users who watch soap operas, sports programs or sitcom while traveling on 8 TV channels and 10 audio channels available for free.

Compare this with what happens in Italy ... I leave you to any conclusions;)