Dell submitted two prototypes, Android and Windows Mobile

1:07 AM Edited by Blony

Still rumors about the new smartphone from Dell and this WSJ has several firsts, after many months of waiting. The first big news is that Dell finally presented its line of smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, on February 16.

The second story that gives WSJ, is that these days would present two prototypes built in two different styles. Form factor is a full touch screen, similar to an iPhone, and the other is a slider with QWERTY keypad, similar to the style of the Palm Pre. Another first that could be giving Wall Street Journal, which is also used two different platforms, Android and Windows Mobile.

According to the WSJ delay was due to the inability of Ron Garriques contract, ex-Motorola and creator of the RAZR saga, can tackle this project for Dell after his departure from Motorola.

The combination of ex-Motorola and Dell commercial essence can give good results. See what happens so moved in those days news.