Crackulous, a nightmare for Apple iTunes

10:44 PM Edited by Blony

Crackulous is free software that is in Cydia ( and, through a very simple graphic interface enables the cracking of programs purchased from the AppStore, allowing copying and redistribution. Ultimately, Crackulous is the nightmare for the new Apple iTunes, and for application developers, who see a black hole in their profits.

The version of the creator of Crackulous is very simple, not Apple nor the developer offered the chance to try applications before buying, and some are not worth the dollars that are paid by them, which is why Crackulous helps people to get the program without pay for using Crackulous cracker, and if the application is worth it, promotes the purchase of it.

It is half dug the style of Robin Hood, but a first goal is met, there are emerging demo versions or free with advertising on iTunes.

Since the launch of iTunes there is unease among application developers for the iPhone, if Apple does not respond quickly, there will be major problems.