Continues to grow strong mobile broadband in 2008

8:41 AM Edited by Blony

With more than 100 million new subscribers to mobile broadband GSM / HSPA for the past 12 months, and a total of 262 million subscriptions at the end of September 2008, a total of 3.4 billion global users of GSM / HSPA, mobile broadband 3G GSM continues to grow strong.

GSM / HSPA continues large expansion in our region, with a total of 378 million subscriptions to GSM / HSDPA and 87% market share, with 36 commercial networks in 17 countries. By contrast, CDMA subscriptions continue to decline, which had 56 million a year ago to 45 million it has now.

"It was impressive as the transition from the GSM family of technologies for mobile broadband in Latin America and the Caribbean in no more than ten years," commented Erasmo Rojas, Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Erasmo Rojas also commented on the history of the now popular 3G networks in our region, "In 1998, markets the first GSM network in the region. It took only five years to be offered commercially EDGE in Chile in 2003 and three years later, also in Chile, is the first commercial network of UMTS / HSPA. In 2008, to complete this rapid adoption of 3G HSUPA launched in Uruguay and Brazil. GSM subscribers from zero in 1998 to the third quarter of 2008 more than 377 million subscribers to GSM / HSPA. In less than two years, Latin America now has 36 networks UMTS / HSPA commercial in 17 countries. "

"As the figures show growth of subscribers, the GSM family of technologies continues to provide the four key ingredients for successful mobile wireless coverage, Performance Technology, Devices and Applications," said Chris Pearson, President of 3G Americas. And as reported by Informa Telecom & Media, is estimated to be over 628 million mobile subscriptions GSM / HSPA in the Americas region for 2010.