Contacts on OVI lost 3 weeks of data

5:20 AM Edited by Blony

We are so accustomed to using services in beta, or already have in mind the risks that this entails, including a bug that ruined everything, or in this case, they lose valuable information.

Nokia revealed that a cooler was broken at its hosting center, causing disruption of service for several hours on OVI and Contacts also ruined its database. Is said to make regular backups but could not fix it.

Conclusion: all information was lost profiles, pictures and friends added that since January 23 this year. So we are going to have to remember everything you did after that date if they want to recover: S

They had to grab information from your old hosting which is surely the last backup they made before they should be renamed the Nokia Contacts Chats on OVI.

I was surprised the post on the Nokia Beta Labs blog that is basically a request for forgiveness (see the photo of the dog that made!) And ends trying to convince users that give them another chance to offer a good service " .