Comparing the Sony Ericsson Cybershot: C510, C901 and C903

4:48 AM Edited by Blony

It seems that this year Sony Ericsson will bet enough to its line of camera - phones, and even gets to 2009 and had three CyberShot given that talk.

I refer to the Sony Ericsson C510, C901 and C903 but unfortunately none has the 8.1 MPX camera that comes with the C905. The C510 is a more modest 3.2 MPX while the C901 and C903 looks a 5 MPX camera.

But luckily, all three come with autofocus, LED flash and Smile Shutter technology, face detection and BestPic, among others. For his part, stressed that C901 also features xenon flash.

As if walking CyberShot mind which of these would like to buy at SEMC Blog made a comparison table is going to get many questions: