ColorSplash, artistic effects for your photos on iPhone and iPod touch

5:59 AM Edited by Blony

In the photo, there is a technique called high-impact Desaturate part, which is certainly familiar with our cousins Clickblog. On iPhone, there are many interesting applications, among them there is really a technique that allows this charming: ColorSplash.

Available from App Store, is developed by Hendrich Kueck allows partially desaturated, or give color to the affected portion of our images, previously converted to black and white. Excellent interface: you can choose the "brush", and with the help of the fingertip on the act.

Exploits the multi-touch (not all programs do) to move and zoom the image at work. Single defect? E 'fee, albeit at a seemingly paltry cost of € 1.59. However we feel obliged to recommend it, because really good, for donwload and more information, visit the page dedicated sull'App Store