CallsInfo statistics of calls and SMS on your S60

8:28 AM Edited by Blony

If you are an obsessive detail of the calls or outgoing messages, this application gives you plenty of information that you will undoubtedly come back ... more obsessive: P

But each application adds to choose (after take the consequences) and CallsInfo have comprehensive statistics about the graphics calls and SHIP. It gives you details of who to talk more of the cost without having to consult the operator (it will be interesting to see if you agree) and those who sent SMS to each contact (photo right).

In turn, there is the option Calls Distribution (photo left) on a graph that shows the 5 most called contacts (with the total minutes each) with the total calls made.

CallsInfo v 1.0.0 is an application developed in Python and can be downloaded on all Symbian S60 3rd Edition mobile.