As a free unlock any Blackberry

6:20 AM Edited by Blony

. Interesting article on WikiHow on how to unlock any Blackberry MEP using the code that is your carrier:

1. Call your mobile operator and pedile MEP code for your BB
2. Type * #
06 # on your Blackberry and enter your IMEI number to give it to the operator
3. Annotated with the MEP, off the "wireless radio" in the phone.
4. Or
go to SETTING OPTIONS, then Advanced Options, and SIM CARD
5. Type "MEPD"
and should read: "Network as Active"
6. Press SHIFTmientras typing "MEPE or
7. Enter the code you gave in and the operator should read "Network as
8. Ready .. your BB is unlocked

A detail, this is for all BlackBerry is in the market and the code should dartelo, for example, if you're traveling abroad and need to use a different SIM;)