Application of LinkedIn for iPhone and iPod Touch

7:07 AM Edited by Blony

. LinkedIn already had a mobile web version for months, both for iPhone and other mobile devices. Was now a step further and has a native application for iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch.
It is available on the iTunes AppStore for free and is well on the iPhone 3G of course we are trying since a few days.

When a search using LinkedIn for business contacts and interact with them professionally, no need pokes, signatures visiting, games, or anything like that. Just Business!

That is why the basic features offered LinkedIn, who visited regularly from the desktop browser, remain in this version for the iPhone application type, since almost everything is possible, for example:

Upgrading the status live.
View the profile of our contacts.
Search for new contacts to add to our network of employment or training.
Send private messages, among other details.

The searches are very good, fast and accurate, even allowing a refinement by various methods, name, company, etc..

Thing missing: We can not, now see the inbox messages and actions on these messages, email filters or make recommendations by groups in the searches.

Which failed: occasionally not update my contacts and I left a sign that says "no update" on the website when I see them clearly.

They are small things, I know, I just wanted to be fair and it certainly will be working on these and other detallecitos, so we should not despair. As a first approximation is more than good!