Apple would have banned the use multitouch on Google Android and Google accepted

5:14 AM Edited by Blony

In a new episode in the saga of the restrictions Apple and its walled garden, a source confirmed that Google would like to add multitouch functionality on mobile phones that have Android and Apple would have denied this possibility, to avoid legal problems.

Android and the HTC G1 have the ability to multitouch but not used, and this was evident when the capacity could enable multi-touch in G1, as Apple holds a patent on the multi-touch technology and it is not spoken.

Stories of this type already exists between Google and Apple, for example, when Google APIs used in the private iPhone, something not allowed other developers, as Google Mobile App for the iPhone. Google acknowledged that opportunity to have breached the rules of Apple and used the adage that "it is easier to ask permission to ask for forgiveness," but Apple does not believe him nor threatened him, as if made after Palm announced the Palm Pre, asked permission this time Google or Apple warned him in time.

What will Apple with Microsoft, which promises mutitouch to include this feature in Windows Mobile 7.0 in 2010?