Andalusia way universal charger ...

5:51 AM Edited by Blony

. We saw during the Mobile World Congress that many manufacturers are betting terminals to develop a universal charger that uses the miniUSB port as power supply (Except Apple, which had not joined the call). In that way we can see a good UnWiredView route of Carphone Warehouse to launch the Eco Charger, a universal charger for Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung.

Eco Charger has the great functionality as well as having multiple connectors, then completely shuts down the terminal is charged to 100%, which the shippers we use today do not and are getting some energy while still plugged into the wall outlet. The charger is priced at $ 33 and ahorarían with this functionality is only in the UK, about 300 million kWh annually, about $ 120 million.

In combination with the cell phone charger ecological dynamics, the tie that charges cell phones, with the load cell range that was introduced in 2008 Innovar Argentina, the portfolio that load cell and Yo-Yo until you load cells are all in search ... ecological and universal charger. We will see this trend clearly moving in the coming months and years.