Already there are 20,000 applications for the iPhone

4:36 AM Edited by Blony

. Already more than 20,000 applications for the iPhone, just 20,410 at this time, and growing at a rate of a new application every 7 minutes. In less than 25 days reached a new record, 33% growth from the base of available applications for the iPhone in the iTunes Store. And accelerating:

Today we see that one of the best sites for reviews of applications, Apptism, reportedly broke the barrier of the 20,000 applications on February 10, 2009. 24 days and 5,000 applications that the January 16, 2009, when Apple announced that the iTunes App Store had surpassed the 15,000 applications available for download and 500 million downloads.

We continue to believe that iTunes iPhone + App Store = machine to generate money ... and you?