AdMob reaches Android

4:55 AM Edited by Blony

For those who were thinking as monetize their applications for Android, this is the best news we could read: AdMob will now have a warning for the applications of the platform ... launched the SDK.

And if they need a perspective on the importance of this news, AdMob already provides advertising to websites Android mobile applications for 27 million only in December 2008! It also has an iPhone with great success in advertising in more than 450 applications.

For the large number of Android phones will appear this year, expect the AdMob platform off in 2009 and say they perceive a strong interest in applications for the Google mobile OS is similar to that previously noted for iPhone, and are eager the leader in helping developers so they can monetize.

The first applications that will be AdMob advertisements AccuWeather, Jirbo, and TapJoy. "In the coming quarters, will enable Google Android payments services, but for now, application developers have no way to profit from building applications. Even when applications enable you pay, we believe that many applications still elect monetising free advertisements in the same way as with the iPhone, "explained in the blog.