8 megapixel Nokia N86, the N82's big brother

4:34 AM Edited by Blony


Finally the Nokia N86 became an official of 8mpx and while we have already mentioned, and even had a video of the N86 is very good to know that Nokia enters the fight of the 8 megapixel where he had been much progress towards the Sony Ericsson C905 with its arsenal of software and its known brand.

But now that the specifications are final, Nokia N86 does not disappoint and continues the line started by the Nokia N82 (and not, as some suggest, for the N95 8Gb) because based on the Carl Zeiss Tessar lens wide-angle to be able and take panoramic openness variable to be able to give more or less subject to sharp focus and those around her make this team that want to try .... and not repeat what it always is not just a matter of megapixels but the quality of software and hardware, so to include a mechanical shutter instead of the typical chips included in that we see in other teams.

Are we still talking about photography? Dual LED flash, geotagging and included with the first firmware and direct access to Share on ovi, Flickr and others ...

Connect? All the necessary GSM / EDGE and HSDPA quad / triband, with WIFI b / g, Bluetooth and MicroUSB and all in less than 150 grams and with a 1200mAh battery that lasts for quite a few other teams that are in the market ... . and my personal opinion, even without having seen it in hand, is that if the elder brother of the N82 should start to forget the 5mpx and think 8mpx as the next standard for high-end.